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On November 1, 2014, the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB) was created. The PSLREB was created when the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) and the Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST) merged. This PSLRB website is in the process of being phased out in favour of the new PSLREB website. During a period of transition, this PSLRB website will continue to provide archived reports, decisions, and transitional information. Please visit the new PSLREB website for the most recent content.

Mediation Team

Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) offers professional assistance to help employers and employees resolve their disputes and find their own solutions to their workplace conflicts.

DRS mediators have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of dispute resolution. The team is made up of seasoned mediators who are recognized for their professionalism and exceptional work in fields such as labour relations / collective bargaining, human rights and human resources.

DRS mediators have vast experience working in the public service and with unions and have become experts at managing sensitive and complex cases. They are also skilled at delivering training on mediation as well as effective communication, conflict management, interest-based negotiation and on how to prepare for union-management meetings.


  • Serge Roy
    Director, Dispute Resolution Services
  • Julie Beauchesne
    Dispute Resolution Officer
  • Tom Clairmont
    Dispute Resolution Specialist
  • Lucie Morneault
    Dispute Resolution Specialist

Administrative Group

  • Roxanne St. Jean
    Coordinator, Dispute Resolution Services
  • Christine Bazinet
    Coordinator, Dispute Resolution Services